Device ID

How to Use Device ID During the Pandemic

Select a lookback on each location as current as three days ago, and as far back as 365 days ago. We do suggest a 6-month lookback because we do see fewer active devices after that period. Use these tactics to recover faster and reach your target market.

  1. Current customers: Advertise to anyone who has been in your business location in the last year. Tell them how to do business with you today, including during new hours, e-commerce, delivery, or curbside pick-up.
  2. Earn market share: Target customers who have visited your competitors’ locations. More than 40% of customers are mindful of their money, so advertise a special offer to entice them to spend with you. 
  3. Appeal to your neighborhood: Reach the mobile devices – and every device in the household – in your local market with ZIP code targeting. 
  4. Prime locations: Can your target market be found at grocery stores, health spas, or yoga studios? Select all of those locations for up to a year to serve ads to those visitors today. 
  5. Don’t forget to advertise what precautions you are taking to keep your customers and employees safe.

Are You Looking to see significant ROI? Foot traffic is back in most areas – and we see great results. But don’t forget, for any business that collects a home address at the point of service or sale, we can match those back to the campaign to show whether someone saw their ad! Think about auto dealers, service centers, real estate companies, home service companies, or ANY business who delivers something to a home address.

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